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In an effort to promote informed and creative dialog between students, faculty, artists, and community members, the Confucius Institute publishes a newsletter once a year, which showcases its event highlights including educational opportunities and other diverse cultural events at the University of Michigan.

Meishi Chinese Cookbook 2018

Over 30 recipes from the classes have been assembled into the fifty-page Meishi Chinese Cookbook.  The recipes include dumplings, wontons, beef, chicken, and tofu dishes, plus egg tarts. Twenty of the recipes have vegetarian options.


The Confucius Institute publishes educational materials on Chinese performing arts and culture. These materials are intended to capture pieces of history and modern art, encouraging dialogues among scholars and the public.

Electric Shadows 2014 – 2017

Since 2014, and with LRCCS cosponsorship, CIUM has been presenting Electric Shadow, an annual film festival of contemporary and popular Chinese movies.