CIUM Seminar with Professors HU Bin and TANG Chaoju

CIUM Seminar with Professor HU Bin and TANG Chaoju (Presented in Chinese)

Presenter:Professor HU Bin, Associate Professor of the Art College of Henan University & Professor TANG Chaoju, University of Electronic Science and Technology
Date:February 10,  2017
Time:7 – 9:30 pm
Location:CIUM Conference Room, 715 N. University Ave., Suite 201

Please note this is an invitation-only-seminar. If you are interested in attending this seminar, please send your request to Jiyoung Lee (

“Intangible Cultural Heritage of China: Taking Bashu Area as Example”
Presented by Professor TANG Chaoju

“Songs and Dances in the Green Desert: The Influence of Natural and Social Ecology on the Inheritance of Jinuo Music”
Presented by Professor HU Bin