“Flee by Night” Kunqu Workshop

“Flee by Night” Kunqu Workshop

Presenter:KE Jun (assisted by YANG Yang, SUN Jing, TANG Qin, and LI Lite)
Date:Wednesday, March 29,  2017
Time:2 – 5 pm
Location:Michigan Room, Michigan League

Kunqu is over 600 years old, the oldest form of Chinese theaters and the proclaimed Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Unlike other more known xiqu – say, Peking Opera a derivation- kunqu is the highest form of performing arts in Chinese history. Its practitioners/performers are required to do singing, reciting, body movement and acrobatics all at the same time, while in Peking Opera, these four performing elements are presented independently, instead.

“Flee by Night” is the most challenging and difficult excerpt play for the male fighting role, and it is the best demonstration of this highest form of performing art, kunqu. This workshop’s presenter, Mr KE Jun, is the appointed official representative of kunqu master with the mission and duty to pass on this dying art form.

In this workshop, participants require no previous knowledge of kunqu or xiqu; the workshop will include the general introduction of the history of kunqu and its characteristics with demonstration. In the interactive part, participants are given the chance to practice some basic techniques of body movement/performing and singing, to understand their meanings or what they signify.

About the workshop presenter:

KE Jun is a National Class One actor specializing in wusheng (combating hero) and wenwu laosheng (civil and military bearded old male) role types in kunqu opera. He has studied with Zheng Chuanjian, Zhang Jinlong, Zhou Chuanying, Bao Chuanduo. His repertoire includes Flee by Night, The Peach Blossom Fan, Bidding Farewell to Mother, Nine Lotus Lanterns and Wu Song. He is also devoted to kunqu opera experimentation, with works such as Faust, Flee by Night and Zang. KE has received prestigious awards included Meihua Award, Wenhua Award and Lanhua Award. KE has been invited to Korea, Japan, India, UK, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Taiwan for exchanges and performances.