Renzong’s Reign (1022-1063): A Time for Music and Culture in Northern Song China

Presenter:Huang Yiou, Shanghai Normal University
Date:Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Time:12 – 1 pm
Location:Koessler Room, Michigan League
Language:Presented in Chinese with English translation

During the first decades of the twelfth century, the Song Dynasty in China built a vibrant world of art, entertainment and music that nobles, literati, and commoners of the time would produce and consume. How and why such an urbanized and diverse music culture emerged is one of the main topics having been researched and discussed. This presentation examines available historical data on the Song Dynasty music and music culture, explaining the roots and forces that generated vibrant music developments.

About the speaker:

Huang Yiou is Assistant Professor in Music College at Shanghai Normal University in China, where she teaches courses on Chinese music history. Her research focuses on the period of the Song Dynasty Music between the 10th and 13th century. She was a visiting scholar of the Center for Chinese Studies of the University of Michigan in 2010.