Musical Echoes and Reminiscences from Southern Song Dynasty

Musical Echoes and Reminiscences from Southern Song Dynasty

Directed by:Musicians from Wuhan Conservatory of Music, China
Date:Saturday, April 8
Time:7 – 9 pm
Location:Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre, 911 N. University Ave.
Reservation:Reservation required. Click here.

This Chinese ancient music concert presents a unique soundscape of the musical world of Song Dynasty China (960-1279). The audience will enjoy historical echoes from imperial China emitted from a set of Chinese chime bells. They were newly reconstructed from archeological samples–and shipped to Ann Arbor for the performance! The evening’s program includes choral singing of ritual songs from the Classic of Poetry (Shijing), an exquisite solo of traditional singing of ci lyrics, and a zither (zheng) performance by a master performer. This concert is a grand music performance of China that you do not want to miss! Please see the program and notes HERE.

*Image: Ma, Yuan.Viewing Sunset from a Palace. (ca. 1200-25). Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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