Musical Meditation: Composing and Arranging Music Reminiscent of Song Dynasty China

Presenter:Professor HUANG Xunfang, Composer & Professor, Wuhan Conservatory of Music
Date:Wednesday, April 5,  2017
Time:12 – 1:20 pm
Location:Koessler Room, Michigan League
Language Presented in Chinese

In the summer of 2016, Professor HUANG Xunfang, a professional composer of Chinese music, was commissioned to prepare a set of music reminiscent of Song dynasty China, which can either be new compositions inspired by historical and musical materials from 12th and 13th centuries China, or contemporary arrangements of notated music works preserved from the historical time. This lecture is a presentation of his newly discovered insights and thoughts in the process of composing and making arrangements for new music.

Professor HUANG Xunfang is Professor of Music from the Wuhan Conservatory of music and Vice President of the Chinese Musicians’ Association in Hebei, China.