The following is a list of payment related forms. Depending on your citizenship and visa status, required forms may be different. If you have any questions regarding the forms below, please contact us at

Reimbursement and Honorarium for US citizens

Reimbursement and Honorarium for permanent residents

Reimbursement and Honorarium for foreign nationals with B1/B2 visa

Reimbursement and Honorarium for foreign nationals with J1/J2 visa

If you are on J-1 status, you will need to provide a copy of your DS-2019. In order to reimburse you directly, you will need to request documentation from your sponsoring institution’s Designated School Official or Responsible Officer that indicates that 1) your activities at University of Michigan are conducted in accordance with and as part of the approved program, and 2) that the sponsoring institution gives University of Michigan permission to reimburse you directly. Otherwise, we must reimburse your sponsoring institution, and then they reimburse you.

Form Submission Instruction:

Please submit required forms via fax (734) 764-0808 or US postal service before your service/event date (except for Form W-7). Sending tax info (e.g. Social Security Number) ​via email is not recommended. If you return the form(s) during or after your visit, there may be a payment delay. You will receive a check mailed to your home address approximately 4 weeks after your visit. If you would prefer to have your payment deposited directly into your bank account, please send me a separate message to request “Wire Transfer Instruction.”