Graduate Student Funding

CIUM invites U-M graduate students to submit applications for funding for creative and/or scholarly projects that promote the understanding of China’s arts and cultures on campus, engaging the U-M community and/or the general public in an accessible manner. The grants are designed to provide support for production expenses, including fees for performers, translators, and interpreters, lodging, and expendable supplies required for the completion/performance of projects proposed. Applications from all academic disciplines, and from individuals as well as collaborative teams are welcome. Projects must aim to involve/reach substantial numbers of U-M faculty, professional staff, students, and/or the general public. Please note that the grants may not be used as salaries or as funds for purchasing permanent equipment, nor are they to be used for PhD dissertation or master-degree thesis research projects.

Upon completion of the projects funded, the awardees should submit to the Institute descriptions of activities performed and/or results produced. The awardees should acknowledge Institute sponsorship in all performances, publications, and audio‐visual recordings that their funded projects generate. The Institute reserves the right to invite awardees to present their creative or investigative results in its lecture and workshop series, and in its website and other electronic venues.

Types of Grants:

  1. Small grants – Up to $500 (On a rolling basis)
  2. Medium grants – $500 – $1500
  3. Large grants – Over $1500

Matching funds and additional support from U-M and non‐U-M institutions are highly encouraged.


Applications for medium grants should be submitted by the fall and winter deadlines, which are, respectively, November 15 and March 15. Applications for large and occasional grants should be developed in consultation with the Institute director.


Graduate student pursuing creative and scholarly projects or research related to China’s arts and culture. All U-M graduate students who are currently enrolled are eligible to apply.

Application Procedure

Send application forms and supporting documents (hard copy and electronic format) to the Institute.

Review Process and Selection Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary panel of faculty and professional staff affiliated with the Institute. Projects are selected for the creative/scholarly quality and significance of the activities proposed, and for the extent they help realize the mission of the Institute, which is to promote the understanding of Chinese arts and cultures to the U-M community and beyond.