Student Organization Funding

The Confucius Institute at U-M (CIUM) provides support to University of Michigan student organizations that are engaged in China-related educational and cultural events and activities. To be eligible, the student organization must provide a valid SOAS (Student Organization Accounts Service) shortcode. This application must be submitted to CIUM at least 6 weeks prior to the student organization event or activity in order to be considered for funding. CIUM will support a maximum of 4 events per academic year, typically for $300-$500. If awarded, funding recipients must submit an activity summary that includes event proceedings and the number of participants within 4 weeks after the event. Failure to report may render the organization ineligible for CIUM’s support in the following academic year.

*Photo of Malaysian Cultural Night

Your proposal must include the following:

  1. Event date, event objectives & description
  2. Itemized budget for the event
  3. Other sponsors for the event
  4. SOAS#
  5. Application Form (download)

Post-event required documents: This must be submitted within 4 weeks after the final event date.

  1. Activity summary between 200-300 words (narrative form, no bullet points) – This may be used for our annual newsletter and other publication materials. Please provide the name of the author and his/her short bio.
  2. 5-10 high res photos of the event

Send your proposal and report to