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Meishi Chinese Gourmet Cooking Class

The “Meishi 美食” Chinese Gourmet Cooking Class is sponsored by the Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan. This popular cooking class is a great way for U-M resident hall students to learn to cook easy and healthy Chinese cuisine while immersed in Chinese culture – right in their own dorm’s community kitchen. These classes facilitate the understanding of Chinese culture through a most universal medium – food. By becoming better informed about the history and context behind various Chinese dishes, students are able to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture. Watch our Meishi YouTube clip.

Open Meishi Workshop Fall 2017: 

When: 5:30 – 7:30 pm, November 9 & November 16
Where: South Quad Demo Kitchen
Reserve your spot: HERE  *You must be a U-M student to participate.
Contact info: Sue Schreck,

Meishi Chefs:

Angela Yang holds a Master of Science in Biology from Western Michigan University. For the last 30 years, she has worked as a research specialist in Molecular Medicine and Genetics of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Life Science Institute at the University of Michigan. Angela’s extensive knowledge about health and nutrition translates perfectly for this workshop. Angela is passionate about demonstrating and sharing healthy cooking techniques in the Meishi classes.

Shih-Wen Wu holds a Master of Education Counseling from Eastern Michigan University and currently works at Rackham Graduate School of University of Michigan as a Senior Business System Analyst. Her love of cooking has been a lifelong interest spurred by watching her mother cook when she was young. Besides teaching Chinese for the last 20 some years, she also enjoys taking walks, gardening, volunteering for church activities, and entertaining friends and family – always with food, of course. In recent years, Shih-Wen has taken an interest in fresh ingredient cooking and organic gardening. The Meishi cooking classes provide her an opportunity to combine her lifelong passions of teaching and cooking.

This cooking class is open only to U-M resident hall students at this time, regularly being held at North Quadrangle, Mosher-Jordan, and Alice Lloyd Halls during the academic year. Classes may be arranged at other residential halls if requested by a resident assistant for a group of 10 – 15. If you are a U-M resident hall student and interested in participating, please send your request to

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